Christmas and New Year vocabulary.

Navidad (f) Christmas
aguinaldo (m, MX) Christmas bonus (given to everyone in Mexico by law, regardless of religion)
árbol de Navidad Christmas tree
bacalao noruego (m) Cod fish from Norway, typical Spanish Christmas dish. If it’s not from Norway, it’s fake.
Día de Reyes January 6th. Epiphany.
envolver to wrap
escarcha (f) (tree decoration) tinsel
esfera navideña(f) (tree decoration) Christmas globes, balls
felicidades (f), felicitaciones (f) congratulations
Feliz Navidad Merry Chrismas
heno (m) Spanish moss
intercambio de regalos Gift exchange, secret Santa.
Misa (f) de Gallo Midnight Mass
muñeco (m) de nieve snowman
Nacimiento (m), pesebre (m), Belén (m, SP) creche, Nativity scene
Natividad (f) nativity
nieve (f) snow
Nochebuena (f) Christmas Eve
Nochevieja (f) Lit: Old night New Year’s Eve
posada (f) (event, party) See below
propósitos de año nuevo (purposes) New Year’s resolutions
regalo (m) gift
reno (m) reindeer
Reyes Magos (m, pl) the Three Wise Men, the Three Kings.
rompope (m) Mild alcoholic beverage similar to eggnog. In Hispanic countries, It’s not unusual to see kids drinking rompope on Christmas.
Sidra (f) Mild alcoholic beverage similar to apple cider. In Hispanic countries, It’s not unusual to see kids drinking sidra on Christmas.
trineo (m) sleigh
villancicos (m pl) Christmas carols

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