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    Navigating the Tricky World of False Cognates in Italian and Spanish

    A confused emoji face

    False cognates refresher: False cognates are words that look or sound alike in two languages but mean completely different things. They can be particularly misleading for language learners because their familiar appearance can make you think you understand them, only to find out later that you’ve misunderstood the conversation.   Examples: To help you navigate […] More

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    Raffaella Carrà

    Rafaella Carra

    Italian entertainer Rafaella Carrà died today. She was very famous in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, and more, especially in the 1980s and 1990s.   🔴🔴 ULTIM'ORA – È morta Raffaella Carrà — Corriere della Sera (@Corriere) July 5, 2021 FLASH | E' morta Raffaella Carrà #ANSA — Agenzia ANSA (@Agenzia_Ansa) July 5, 2021 […] More