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    Groups of animals

    This is how we call different groups of animals in Spanish: Spanish English Notes bandada (f) flock (birds), skein (group of geese) flock of birds, group of geese (gansos) cardumen (m) school fish (peces) colonia colony pingüinos enjambre (m) swarm bees (abejas), some other flying insects escuela (f) school fish (peces) jauría (f) pack dogs […] More

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    Mission at Barnes and Noble.

    One of my friends who wrote a book asked me to go to Barnes and Noble, find his book, and take photos of it so that he could put them on his Instagram profile.  I didn’t think I was going to find it unless I went to the big one at Union Square, and I […] More

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    All the World

    This is how Romance people say everybody: language the world all the world = everybody Spanish el mundo todo el mundo French le monde tout le monde Portuguese o mondo todo o mundo Romanian lumea (the definite article is indicated at the end, “lume+a” in this case). toată lumea Italian il mondo tutto il mondo […] More

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    Charlie Chaplin in Mexico.


    This Charlie Chaplin movie, The Pilgrim, was made nearly a century ago, in 1923.  It was not really made in Mexico, but more north in a California movie studio.  In this scene, Charlie Chaplin is deported to Mexico.       Charlie Chaplin really traveled in Mexico. He married 16 year-old Lita Gray, who had […] More

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    White and Black

    There are many standard expressions in Spanish and English that are exactly the same but reversed. Here are some of them: tarde o temprano, sooner or later (lit: later or sooner) sano y salvo, safe and sound (lit: sound and safe) tenedor y cuchillo, knife and fork  (lit: fork and knife) vivo o muerto, dead or alive […] More

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    The 10 Best Cities in the World in 2021, according to Condé Nast.

          Which really are the best cities in the world? Our readers voted for their favourite urban destinations – ranking them for architecture, their buzzing food scenes and smart places to stay. How many have you been to? And – do you agree with the list? — Condé Nast Traveller (@cntraveller) March […] More

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    Rayo is a Spanish word that has many different meanings and it’s used in many everyday expressions. Let me show you some of them:   rayos X, rayos equis ray X-rays rayo de luz ray, beam beam of light rayos del sol ray sunrays rayo láser beam laser beam rayo de luna beam moonbeam cayó […] More

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    Really nice video of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

        William Taudien from Sweden is a little crazy. Funny crazy. He is also a great video editor and has impressive drone skills. He has lived almost a year in Mexico and this is an example of one of his videos. Unfortunately, there is not much Spanish to listen to in this episode. (For […] More