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    Norte, sur, este, oeste

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    It might surprise you that the current Spanish names for the 4 cardinal points come from English via French. North ⇒ norte (N) South ⇒ sur (S) East ⇒ este (E) West ⇒ oeste (O or W) All of them are masculine nouns. If Spanish cardinal point names are technically Spanglish, how did Spanish explorers […] More

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    El cumpleaños

    El cumpleaños There are many compound, masculine nouns in Spanish that are formed by a verb and a noun. Their noun component is usually plural, so it ends in “s,” but their overall grammatical number is singular. Examples of these words are: El cumpleaños, birthday, formed together with the verb cumplir, to fulfill, to accomplish, […] More

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    Learn how to recognize hidden “hay” in a sentence.

    Hay is a special conjugated form of the verb haber, which is used to indicate existence. Its English equivalents are: there is, there are, is there…?, are there…? This verb is always in its singular form. Some people, mistakenly, use it in the plural form, like habíamos, habían, habemos, etc. For the Royal Academy, this […] More