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    Raffaella Carrà

    Rafaella Carra

    Italian entertainer Rafaella Carrà died today. She was very famous in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, and more, especially in the 1980s and 1990s.   🔴🔴 ULTIM'ORA – È morta Raffaella Carrà — Corriere della Sera (@Corriere) July 5, 2021 FLASH | E' morta Raffaella Carrà #ANSA — Agenzia ANSA (@Agenzia_Ansa) July 5, 2021 […] More

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    El Rey


    El Rey, José Alfredo Jimenez.

    El Rey is a very popular mariachi song that almost every Mexican knows from memory, just like the Himno Nacional, Las Mañanitas, Las Golondrinas, or Cielito Lindo. This is Plácido Domingo’s version in Washigton, D.C.       Yo sé bien que estoy afuera Pero el día en que yo me muera Sé que tendrás […] More

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    Amores Perros. Lucha de Gigantes.

      I saw the film Amores Perros together with one of my students. Below is one of the main soundtrack songs. Its name is Lucha de Gigantes, by the Spanish band Nacha Pop. The actual movie scene is too strong to embed on this website. It’s not for kids and it’s not for many people. […] More

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    Un purasangre. 10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (21)

      Here are 10 common random idioms you may have trouble with if you hear them for the first time:   Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation a solas what? alone? privately acaramelarse, estar acaramelados (MX?) what? to coat with caramel to canoodle apantallar (MX) what? (la pantalla, screen) […] More

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    Dora la Exploradora.

    In Spanish, many professions and adjectives end in -dor for males, but in -dora for females. So I think whoever named the character Dora the Explorer in English, knew that it was going to be very appealing in Spanish. The masculine form for this occupation is explorador. Now let’s imagine that Dora has some other […] More

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    Mission at Barnes and Noble.

    One of my friends who wrote a book asked me to go to Barnes and Noble, find his book, and take photos of it so that he could put them on his Instagram profile.  I didn’t think I was going to find it unless I went to the big one at Union Square, and I […] More

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    Pau’s AT&T commercial

        This was an AT&T commercial on the Spanish television in the United States that we had to watch many times a day for months. My students at that time asked me to explain to them what this singer  was saying.     Pauliina Rubio singing Causa y Efecto, the song on the AT&T […] More