Raffaella Carrà

An Italian entertainer who was famous in Spain and Latin America

Rafaella Carra
Raffaella Carra

Italian entertainer Rafaella Carrà died today. She was very famous in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, and more, especially in the 1980s and 1990s.




She was multilingual Italian-Spanish-English, and more.  She used to speak perfect Spanish as she worked as a TV presenter for RTVE. Raffaella used to sing songs in Spanish too, which were popular in most Spanish-speaking countries. This is a hilarious video of people in Argentina singing her song Fiesta including nurses, doctors, butchers, etc.


This is a song about Mexico. Raffaella appears in many locations in Mexico.


Radio y Televisión Española RTVE paid tribute to Raffaella.




Raffaella dancing with her friend Maradona.



In this 2014 interview for an important radio network in Spain, Raffaella says that she learned Spanish many decades ago by singing in Spanish from Latin America originally, but at the time of this interview, she could speak also Spanish from Spain.



An hour long program on Televisión Española about Raffaella.


Two days ago I wrote a post about El Rey, a mariachi Mexican song that every person who stays to Mexico for a while should know. Raffaella also knew this song. I added her video at the end of that post  In fact, not many women sing El Rey, but Raffaella did.


Descanse en Paz.



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