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    10 expressions that are NOT so easy to figure out.

    Dar en el clavo

    Spanish is an interesting and complex language, full of colorful expressions and idioms. Learning these expressions can greatly enhance your understanding of the language and allow you to communicate more effectively with native speakers. In this post, we’ve compiled another list of 10 Spanish expressions, along with their literal translations and English equivalents. Whether you’re […] More

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    Por or Para, last minute refresher

    Let’s say that you are taking an exam about Para and Por tomorrow and you need something quick to remember the most important points The use of “por” and “para” in Spanish can be a bit tricky, but there are some general rules that can help you understand when to use each preposition: “Por” is […] More

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    Some traffic signs in Spanish

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    no estacionarse

    Traffic signs in Spanish-speaking countries.   Traffic signs or señales de tráfico or señales de tránsito in Spanish are similar to international traffic signs, however, not all traffic signs are the same in all Spanish-speaking countries. Estacionarse means to park in Mexico and other Latin American countries, but in Spain, they say to aparcar. Estacionarse […] More

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    Bob Ross in Mexico


    Bob Ross

    Bob Ross visited Mexico in the 1990s. You might have watched Bob Ross’ new documentary on Netflix. In this documentary, there are many interesting interviews with Bob’s son and some friends and business partners. They talk about his presentation in Central Park and how many thousands of his fans of all ages attended the event. […] More

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    La Casa de las Flores: La Película.

    La Casa de las Flores

        These are notes about La Casa de las Flores movie on Netflix. I will try to explain expressions and facts that only not-so-young people from Mexico might understand. Timestamps are approximate, I couldn’t find the setting that indicated the exact current time, just the remaining time is indicated. 00:01. regañar. to yell at, […] More

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    10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (35)


      10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (35)   Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation “por poder” what? By power? by proxy (legal). Italiano, per procura. se vende como pan caliente It sells like hot bread?…almost. It sells like hotcakes, pancakes estar en pañales to […] More

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    El Rey

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    El Rey, José Alfredo Jimenez.

    El Rey is a very popular mariachi song that almost every Mexican knows from memory, just like the Himno Nacional, Las Mañanitas, Las Golondrinas, or Cielito Lindo. This is Plácido Domingo’s version in Washigton, D.C.       Yo sé bien que estoy afuera Pero el día en que yo me muera Sé que tendrás […] More

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    About people’s ages


      adolescente adolescent, teenager quiceañero, quinceañera quince = fifteen A 15 year old person (or about) veinteañero, veinteañera veinte = twenty a person in his/her 20s treintañero, treintañera treinta = thirty a person in his/her 30s cuarentón, cuarentona (fam) cuarenta = forty a person in his/her 40s cincuentón, cincuentona (fam) cincuenta = fifty a person […] More

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    Not all cognates look like twins, like naranja and orange

    Cognates are words that have the same origin. If, in addition, these words have the same meaning, they are true cognates, but if the meanings are different then they are false cognates. Examples of true cognates are teléfono and telephone, auditorio and auditorium, obtener and obtain. Examples of false cognates are the typical example embarazada, […] More

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