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    El Árbol del Tule.

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    Árbol del Tule

    El Árbol del Tule is one of the biggest and oldest trees on Earth, it is not too far from the City of Oaxaca, in Mexico.   In the 1980s, opera singer Plácido Domingo made a video where el Árbol del Tule is the main character. The Tule Tree is 2000 years old, and despite […] More

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    Amores Perros. Lucha de Gigantes.

      I saw the film Amores Perros together with one of my students. Below is one of the main soundtrack songs. Its name is Lucha de Gigantes, by the Spanish band Nacha Pop. The actual movie scene is too strong to embed on this website. It’s not for kids and it’s not for many people. […] More

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    Mission at Barnes and Noble.

    One of my friends who wrote a book asked me to go to Barnes and Noble, find his book, and take photos of it so that he could put them on his Instagram profile.  I didn’t think I was going to find it unless I went to the big one at Union Square, and I […] More

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    Pau’s AT&T commercial

        This was an AT&T commercial on the Spanish television in the United States that we had to watch many times a day for months. My students at that time asked me to explain to them what this singer  was saying.     Pauliina Rubio singing Causa y Efecto, the song on the AT&T […] More

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    Charlie Chaplin in Mexico.

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    This Charlie Chaplin movie, The Pilgrim, was made nearly a century ago, in 1923.  It was not really made in Mexico, but more north in a California movie studio.  In this scene, Charlie Chaplin is deported to Mexico.       Charlie Chaplin really traveled in Mexico. He married 16 year-old Lita Gray, who had […] More

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    Queen’s Gambit

        The Netflix series Queen’s Gambit consists of seven episodes.  The main character, Beth, travels to chess tournaments in 4 different countries in different episodes, within the US, and later to Mexico, France, and the Soviet Union. In the episode where Beth is in Mexico, there are many minutes during which you can hear […] More

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    Really nice video of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


        William Taudien from Sweden is a little crazy. Funny crazy. He is also a great video editor and has impressive drone skills. He has lived almost a year in Mexico and this is an example of one of his videos. Unfortunately, there is not much Spanish to listen to in this episode. (For […] More

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    Telenovelas mexicanas locas.


    This is one of the most memorable moments in Mexican telenovela history. Extremely dramatic, overacted, politically incorrect, internet meme material. This segment has subtitles for your amusement. Excuse some of the subtitles. Obviously, if they were exact translations, this telenovela would’ve never been shown on TV.       ¡Maldita lisiada! Itatí Cantoral cuenta su […] More