10 expressions that are NOT so easy to figure out.

Dar en el Clavo

Dar en el clavo
Dar en el clavo

Spanish is an interesting and complex language, full of colorful expressions and idioms. Learning these expressions can greatly enhance your understanding of the language and allow you to communicate more effectively with native speakers. In this post, we’ve compiled another list of 10 Spanish expressions, along with their literal translations and English equivalents. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these expressions are sure to help you sound more like a native speaker and add some personality to your conversations.


Spanish Expression Literal Spanish Translation English Equivalent
A ojo de buen cubero By good barrel eye By rough estimate
De tal palo tal astilla From such a stick, such a splinter Like father, like son
El mundo es un pañuelo The world is a handkerchief It’s a small world
Meter la pata To put in the paw To put one’s foot in one’s mouth
No tener pelos en la lengua To not have hairs on the tongue To speak one’s mind
Ponerse las pilas To put on the batteries To get one’s act together
Ser pan comido To be eaten bread To be a piece of cake
Hacer la vista gorda To make the fat view To turn a blind eye
Tomar el pelo To take the hair To pull someone’s leg
Dar en el clavo To give on the nail To hit the nail on the head


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