An electric vehicle designed for the Tulum rainforest (Really?)

Vehicles are not supporsed to invade rainforests, they need to stop gentrifiying natural reserves.

An electric vehicle for the Tulum rainforest.
rainforest EV


Roth Architecture creates electric car for navigating narrow Tulum roads

Según ellos:

“Roth Architecture en Tulum creó este automóvil eléctrico EK hecho con materiales locales para ofrecer un viaje en contacto con la naturaleza. Este coche, parte de la marca Azulik, tiene un diseño elegante y orgánico, y busca reducir el impacto ambiental. Está pensado para los estrechos caminos de Tulum y en el nuevo proyecto residencial de Azulik. Combina comodidad y sostenibilidad, mejorando la movilidad y reduciendo el ruido.”

Me parece que quieren imitar al arquitecto Senosiáin.

Tulum-based design studio Roth Architecture has created an electric car accented with local materials to offer a “tranquil journey amidst nature” along the local roads.

The EK car was created under the studio’s Azulik brand, which includes a resort, art museum, restaurants, and the studio’s “Insect-wing” office spanning a property along the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Now, imagine, villas + 84 apartments! This is the gentrification of the rainforest. 
All these residents will need fresh water, they will produce sewage, 
wildlife will have to go away, cenotes will risk pollution.

It was also made to navigate the curving roads of an upcoming residential project by Azulik, according to the studio, which will include luxury villas and 84 apartments across four towers.

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