These are some words in Catalan that a Spanish speaker cannot understand

Despite the similarity between Catalan and Spanish, there are some specific words that are very difficult to understand for someone who is not very familiar with the language.

Sagrada Familia, Cataluña, España
Sagrada Familia, Cataluña, España

Despite the similarities between Catalan and Spanish, there are some specific Catalan words that Spanish speakers find very difficult to understand. Since the recognition of Catalan as a co-official language in 1979, there have been significant efforts to promote its use in Catalonia. This bilingual environment has led to the incorporation of many Spanish influences into Catalan. However, there remain several Catalan words that are nearly impossible for non-speakers to pronounce or understand, causing confusion even among those familiar with the language.

For example, “perruqueria” means a hair salon but often confuses Spanish speakers who might think it refers to a place for dogs. The word “xiuxiuejar,” which means “to murmur,” poses a pronunciation challenge due to its complex sounds. “Pernil dolç,” translating to “sweet ham,” refers to “cooked ham” and is commonly associated with a “bikini,” a type of sandwich in Catalonia. Additionally, Catalan’s way of telling time, like “dos quarts i mig de vuit” for 7:40, and specific terms such as “vespre” for the evening period, can be puzzling even for native speakers.


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Estas son las palabras en catalán que un castellanohablante no puede entender

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