Bob Ross in Mexico

He visited Mexico City.

Bob Ross
Bob Ross

Bob Ross visited Mexico in the 1990s.

You might have watched Bob Ross’ new documentary on Netflix. In this documentary, there are many interesting interviews with Bob’s son and some friends and business partners. They talk about his presentation in Central Park and how many thousands of his fans of all ages attended the event. Bob Ross also had some presentations in Mexico City, where this boat was decorated especially for him in the canals of Xochimilco, a famous tourist area in the south of Mexico City.


Bob Ross en Xochimilco from mexico


At 12:30, Bob Ross begins talking about his experiences in Mexico City.



This video shows an episode seen in Mexico’s Canal 11. Please turn on the subtitles. They display the voice-over in Spanish. If you watch it on the YouTube application, it displays both, Spanish and English subtitles.




Bob Ross TV program was shown on a relatively small cultural TV channel, Canal 11. Meanwhile, on the most important TV channel in Mexico, there was a parody of his Canal 11 version, making fun of the Spanish voice-over. His parody appeared on Televisa’s Canal 2 on primetime, making Bob Ross Canal 11’s version also more relevant.  This is Eugenio Debez as Bob Atroz. Beware!!!!!  Bob Atroz speaks using puns for adults combined with expletives like SOB and AH right on this video.




Bob Atroz’s personality is the opposite of the real Bob Ross.  You can find several episodes of both, Bob Ross Canal 11 and Bob Atroz videos on the internet.




Many celebrities have visited Xochimilco. These are Agnes Moorehead of Bewitched and Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie getting ready for one of those boats.


This is the Mexico City airport with a Mexicana airplane behind.


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