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How do we answer the telephone in several Spanish speaking countries?

We use several different expressions to answer the phone, so when you travel or watch a foreign movie don’t be surprised. It’s not always as simple as hello. I think no other language has a particular way to answer the phone depending on the region.

Country Expression
Argentina hola
Colombia aló (Bogotá)


oigo (I hear)



España diga (say!), sí (yes)
Guatemala aló

bueno (good?), diga (say!)



Perú aló
Uruguay hola
Venezuela aló
In other Romance languages alo (Portuguese, Romanian), allo (French), Pronto (Italian)



Talking about phone calls, this is a funny series of Argentine commercials about prank calls. It’s called La Llama que Llama, which is a pun. Llama, the animal (pronounced different in Spanish), and llama, from llamar, the verb to call.



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