The Largest Spanish-Speaking Town in the World.

Mexico City from the air, day and night.

Mexico City aerial view
Mexico City. by user eeliuth Flickr


Mexico City, the largest Spanish-speaking town in the world.


This is a day landing in Mexico City apparently from a flight arriving from Frankfurt.

Let me try to explain to you what you are seeing here. First, this window shows the inner part of the city, towards the Zócalo, which you can’t see here because it’s too far. The mountainous, outer part of the city is on the opposite window. Most of the time, airplanes approach from the north side of the city and draw a big semi-circle on its way to the airport, which is on the east side, inside the city. You see factories, industrial areas, and the suburbs where all their workers live. The majority of them are in Estado de México, which is a different state bordering Mexico City.

I’m pretty sure that at 2:45 the airplane is already above the north of Mexico City, but it’s still in an industrial area. You see factories and more factories.

At 3:00 Cerveza Corona factory right at the center bottom of your screen.

At 3:40 you can see Polanco on the right side of your screen. Tall buildings, mansions, embassies, shopping centers, museums.

At 3:55 you have right in the middle el Bosque de Chapultepec, which is some sort of Central Park,  but it’s at least twice the size of NYC’s Central Park (my favorite park where I go almost every day.)

At 4:05 right in the middle of the screen, you can see Paseo de la Reforma. A boulevard flanked by high-rises. It’s right on top of the park. It looks like an extension of the park.

At 4:15 on the bottom of the screen, you can see the Periférico, a two-deck expressway.

At 4:25 you will have noticed that most roofs are red. That’s the preferred color for waterproofing material in that city.

At 4:50 you have the World Trade Center in the middle of the screen.

5:05 you will notice that it’s hard to see the streets and avenues. That’s because they are covered by trees, which are green most of the year.

5:25 the airplane keeps flying over residential areas, and you can see the high-rises bordering Paseo de la Reforma and Insurgentes on top of the screen.

At 6:30 they are finally arriving at the airport.

I think this is in the morning because transatlantic flights leave in the evenings on the same airplanes.


This is a similar landing but at night. A KLM flight arriving from Amsterdam










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