10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (20)

Ñaca Ñaca
Ñaca Ñaca

Here are 10 common random idioms you may have trouble with if you hear them for the first time:

Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
¿Cómo quieres que yo sepa? Lit: How do you want me to know? How do you expect me to know?
la vía pública the public what?

the streets, public areas

de ser así = si es así of being like that? if it’s like that? if that’s the case
las asignaturas what? assignments? subjects in school.
las materias what? The matters? again, subjects in school.
la cuerda floja the loose cord? surprise. The opposite. tight rope.
citadino what? from ciudad. City dweller, urban. This is an adjective, it’s a little bit different than cittadino in Italian, but that’s its origin.
he aquí what here? there is here? I have here? behold, voila. here it is.
embarazada, embarazoso embarrased? the first one means pregnant, but the second one means embarrassing.
ñaca ñaca (MX) what?




Ñaca ñaca

A Mexican TV character, Chiquidrácula, always repeated that expression, together with sintieron meyo or probably sintieron mello (sinitieron miedo) You were scared!



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