10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (35)

Ya salió el peine


10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (35)


Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
“por poder” what? By power? by proxy (legal). Italiano, per procura.
se vende como pan caliente It sells like hot bread?…almost. It sells like hotcakes, pancakes
estar en pañales to be in diapers? to be in its infancy.
de panzazo, pasar de panzazo un examen (MX) what? panza = belly, pancia in Italian. barely made it (as an athlete landing on his/her belly to cross the finish line.) To pass an exam with the minimum grade.
$100 mdd (MX) what? Millones de dólares. In this case 100 million dollars.
sentidos encontrados found feelings? encountered feelings? encountered senses? conflicting feelings
igualar igual = equal, the same to match. Igualar un récord, to match a record. To equal, to level off.
no faltes a la clase, no faltes a la boda what? no faults? Don’t lack? Don’t be lacking? by all means, be there. (don’t be absent), don’t miss, be at class, be at the wedding. Faltar a clase, to be absent from class.
“ya salió el peine”, salir el peine (Mx) the comb came out? to discover the hidden reason of something. (so this is why!, so this is the reason!). The truth came out. (The comb was finally able to come out of the tangled hair)
grandes éxitos what? Big exits? éxito = success. greatest hits


De panzazo

This is a movie that showed the failure of the Mexican education system.

De Panzazo. Barely made it.
De Panzazo movie.

Grandes Éxitos de ABBA.

Yes, ABBA has many songs in Spanish.

Abba Grandes Exitos
Grandes Éxitos de ABBA.


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