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Quinceañera Movie


adolescente adolescent, teenager
quiceañero, quinceañera quince = fifteen A 15 year old person (or about)
veinteañero, veinteañera veinte = twenty a person in his/her 20s
treintañero, treintañera treinta = thirty a person in his/her 30s
cuarentón, cuarentona (fam) cuarenta = forty a person in his/her 40s
cincuentón, cincuentona (fam) cincuenta = fifty a person in his/her 50s
sesentón, sesentona (fam) or sexagenario, sexagenaria sesenta = sixty a person in his/her 60s
setentón, setentona (fam) or septuagenario, septuagenaria setenta = seventy a person in his/her 70s
octogenario, octogenaria octo = 8 octogenarian, a person in his/her 80s
nonagenario, nonagenaria nona = 9 nonagenarian, a person in his/her 90s
centenario, centenaria cien = one hundred centenarian, a person who is over 100 years old

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