10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (36)



Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
no tener llenadera (Mx) llenar = to fill It is an expresion that means that someone is never satisfied. Like no matter how much he/she eats, it will never be enough. Also, used for politicians who embezzle. They steal and they can’t stop.
dar largas largo = long to put something off, to drag on, to drag out
dominguero, dominical domingo = Sunday Dominguero is an adjective used for something related to Sundays, like camisa dominguera, a shirt you only wear on Sundays. Periódico dominical is a newspaper section that is sold only on Sundays.
sabatino sábado = Saturday related to Saturdays. Like función sabatina would be a Saturday show, performance.
veraniego verano = summer related to summer, like residencia veraniega, summer house.
primaveral primavera = spring related to spring. Clima primaveral. Spring-like weather.
veranear verano = summer verb that means to spend the summer,. Veranear en Europa. To spend the summer in Europe.
invernar, hibernar invierno = winter to hibernate. invernadero is a greenhouse
le ruego, les rogamos rogar = to beg It is also used in formal situations and it means please or kindly. Les rogamos que tomen asiento. Please be seated or kindly have a seat.
contrarreloj contra = against, reloj = clock, watch against the clock, something that is being timed.


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