Preposición para in a Coca Cola TV commercial.



Para ti, para mí, para ella, para él, para todos, para nadie...¡para vos! I hope this commercial in Spanish from Argentina made for Coca Cola Femsa, helps you understand one of the uses of the preposition para.


Similar commercial with subtitles. (also Argentine accent).



Cola in Spanish means cola, ass, tail, butt, queue. So when they say para los últimos (for the last ones) they show the word Cola, line, queue. They mean the ones at the end of the line.

They have this Commercial on Spanish TV here in the U.S., with a standard accent, and in some other countries in many languages, but not on English TV in the U.S..

Coca-Cola made in the United States and Coca Cola from Mexico are different. Coca-Cola from the U.S. is mostly made from high fructose corn syrup. In Mexico and other countries, they use also cane sugar. This means that it tastes different (like the old U.S. Coke many years ago). Mexican Coca Cola ( Pepsi Cola) is kosher for Passover, so many stores in the NYC area are selling Mexican Coca Cola and Mexican Pepsi Cola and other brands. Make sure you read the labels and the fine print to make sure that particular bottle of Coca-Cola contains only cane sugar because some presentations don’t.



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