Names of some Mexican jobs.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - JANUARY 21: Organillero, or organ grinder, in the city centre, on January 21, 2019 in Mexico City,Mexico. (Photo by Andrew Hasson/Getty Images)







Job Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
bolero what? shoeshine person
cácaro what? person who handles the projector at a movie theater
carterista wallet specialist? pickpocket
cerillo kitchen match Person, usually a kid, who packs your groceries at supermarkets for a little tip. In NY, usually the cashier does it.
chacha from muchacha, young woman. maid (may be pejorative)
chatarrero chatarra = junk person who recycles junk

franela = flannel

squeegee man

niño gritón (de la lotería) lotto shouter kid A tradition in Mexico since 1770: Kids who announce the jackpot winning numbers.
huesero from hueso =bone chiropractor
junior junior rich dad’s son
luchador social social wrestler social activist, (also activista social)
mil usos thousand uses handyman, gofer

mono, monito (MX) = figure

cartoonist,(also caricaturista)

ni ni Originally from Spain. Neither Nor. Person who is neither employed nor a student.
organillero what? organ grinder (music)
padrote big papi pimp
pepenadores what? scavengers (garbage)

señor de los raspados


shaved ice




saca borrachos drunk customer bouncer bar bouncer
tendero from tienda, store store clerk
viejo del costal (also el robachicos) old man with a sac Boogie man
el viene viene it comes, it comes (from venir, to come). person who helps a driver park his/her car in a tight space

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