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Rayo is a Spanish word that has many different meanings and it’s used in many everyday expressions. Let me show you some of them:


rayos X, rayos equis ray X-rays
rayo de luz ray, beam beam of light
rayos del sol ray sunrays
rayo láser beam laser beam
rayo de luna beam moonbeam
cayó un rayo lightning bolt. Lit: A lightning bold fell. a bolt of lightning struck
los rayos de mi bicicleta spokes tire spokes
sabe a rayos (MX) expr: lit: it tastes like rays. it tastes horrible, foul.
huele a rayos (MX) expr. lit: it smells like rays. it tastes horrible, foul.
¡rayos! expr: lit: rays! lightning! damn!
como de rayo expr: lit: like of ray. like greased lightning
está echando rayos expr: lit: he’s throwing rays he is fuming
¡que te parta un rayo! expr: lit: May lightning strike you! You can go to hell.
¡qué rayos quieres! expr: lit: What the lightning do you want. It’s a euphemism of ¡qué diablos!  What the hell do you want!


All of these expressions are used in Mexico, I know some of them are used in other countries as well.

Le cayó un rayo a la Estatua de la Libertad

rayos láser

rayos de sol



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