10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (12)







Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
ya chole (MX) (ya basta, all countries) what? stop it!, enough!


modification of perro, dog. Playful. Similar to pooch. Could be an adjective too, dog-like.

qué oso (MX) what bear, what a bear. to make a scene, to do something embarrassing

rajarse (MX)

to crack (like a piece of wood)

to back out, to chicken out

al hilo to the thread consecutive, non-stop, one after another
hacerla de emoción (MX) to make it of emotion to build suspense
no tiene chiste (MX) it has no joke it’s too simple, it’s not funny, it’s not interesting, meh

tiene su chiste (MX)

it has its joke

it’s tricky, it’s not that easy, it’s not that simple, you need special skills to do it

la chela, la cheve (MX)


nicknames for cerveza

siempre no (MX) always not not ….after all. Siempre no voy a comprar ese libro. I won’t buy that book after all.

Remember: MX is Mexico only. So if you watch a Mexican telenovela you’ll need them.


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10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (13)

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