Un purasangre. 10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (21)

Purasangre. Photo by Guillermo Mota on Unsplash


Here are 10 common random idioms you may have trouble with if you hear them for the first time:


Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
a solas what? alone? privately
acaramelarse, estar acaramelados (MX?) what? to coat with caramel to canoodle
apantallar (MX) what? (la pantalla, screen) to impress (an expression that came out of a TV program).
atrabancado (MX) what? reckless
chanchullo what? shady deal, scam
ganado (noun) what? won? ganar=to gain, to win, to earn


morra. morrita (MX) what? girl, babe (I wouldn’t use this word).
talacha, hacer talacha (MX) what? work, to do work, like a handyman
un purasangre what? a pureblood? thoroughbred, pure-bred horse
vía crucis, viacrucis (from the Stations of the Cross)

terrible ordeal


This paper clip says that someone tried to sell his mother-in-law suegra in a Feria de Ganado (Cattle or Rancher’s Fair) in Zafra, somewhere in Spain. (Who knows if it’s real or just a joke)



¡me apantallaste!  (You impressed me!) By using the Cyrillic alphabet.

Remember that in English we laugh hahahaha, but in Spanish it’s jajajaja.



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