Foto movida. 10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (5)

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Here are 10 common random idioms you may have trouble with if you hear them for the first time:

Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
¿qué crees? what do you believe? guess what.
cambiar de opinion

to change opinion

to change one’s mind, also cambiar de parecer.

ser de mentiras, de mentiritas, de a mentiritas (MX) of lies? fake, a prop, toy, pistola de mentiras is a toy gun, also pistola de juguete. 

echarse a perder

to throw itself to lose

to get spoiled, to rot, to be ruined

estar en pañales to be in diapers to be in its infancy (a situation), to be immature
foto movida : salir movido moved photo: to come out moved shaky picture: to come out blurred (in a photo)
hacer lo correcto to do the correct, to make the correct to do the right thing

hacer puente (Mex)

to make (a) bridge

to take a (usually) unauthorized extra day between two holidays, or a weekend and a holiday. To take a long weekend. El puente de Semana Santa, the bridge of saint week, is the long weekend of Easter.

ser buena gente

to be good people

to be a nice, kind, and/or good person

ser de confianza to be of trust, confidence (work) non-union personnel, (personal acquaintance) no special protocol needed for that person who like part of the family

Most expressions apply to all Spanish-speaking countries.



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