10 expressions that are not so easy to figure out (23)


Manos a la obra.

Here are 10 common random idioms you may have trouble with if you hear them for the first time:


Expression Approximate literal translation (what you might think you actually heard) Explanation
deshuesadero (m) (MX) what? hueso = bone. Unboner? Disboner? Bone ripper? vehicle scrapyard, to sell used spare parts.
¿será? will it be? (Future of probability of ser) Would it be possible? Could it be possible? I wonder if that’s the case.
retomar su rumbo. what? To retake one’s direction? to get back on track.
cayó el ladrón (el ladrón cayó) What? the robber fell? the robber was arrested.
(yo) te disparo una hamburguesa. (MX) what? I shoot you a hamburger? Let me buy you a hamburger.
dar un aventón (MX) / Pedir un aventón (MX) what? to give a ride / to hitchhike
comprobante what? A document used to verify something. A receipt, invoice, bill, etc.
¡manos a la obra! // mano de obra hands to the work? ¡manos a la obra! Let’s do it, let’s roll, let’s get down to work // mano de obra is very different, it means workforce, labor, manpower.
te conviene it’s convenient for you either that, or it’s advisable for you.
No tengo inconveniente con eso / no tengo ningún inconveniente. what? I have no inconvenient? It’s OK with me, I have no problem with that.


Deshuesadero in Yucatán.

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