All the World

Todo el Mundo, by NASA.

This is how Romance people say everybody:

language the world all the world = everybody
Spanish el mundo todo el mundo
French le monde tout le monde
Portuguese o mondo todo o mundo
Romanian lumea (the definite article is indicated at the end, “lume+a” in this case). toată lumea
Italian il mondo tutto il mondo

The noun world is femenine only in Romanian; in the rest of the languages it is masculine.

todo el mundo fue a la fiesta everybody went to the party
todo el mundo lo sabe everybody knows it
le dijiste a todo el mundo you told everybody
todo el mundo ha visto esa película everybody has seen that movie
ya se fue todo el mundo everybody left already
todo el mundo está feliz everybody is happy

Alternatively, you could use todos i.e., todos fueron a la fiesta.

If you don’t want to sound quite exaggerated, you can say in Spanish medio mundo sabe tu secreto, half the world knows your secret. Probably, only in Italian the meaning is literal, rather than everybody.



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