The letter Ñ does make a difference.

La letra Ñ

Warning: this article contains a couple of raunchy words.

As you can see in some of the examples below, you have to be very careful when saying some of these words. It’s similar to the common pronunciation mistake of Spanish-speaking people trying to say beach, but ending up sounding like bitch. Something similar could happen to you in Spanish, so watch out.

ano anus año year; that’s why it’s so important to say cumpleaÑos (birthday) correctly!
campana bell campaña campaign
cana gray hair, white hair caña cane, reed
cano a man with gray/white hair, also a common last name, caño pipes, sewage
ceno from cenar, to dine ceño brow, frown
cono cone coño cunt (vulg.), jeez, hell (I must point out that, in Mexico, this word is often used on TV comedy shows to imitate the vocabulary people from Spain and the Caribbean use. In other words, in Mexico, this is not such a bad word, it’s just foreign)
cuna crib, cradle cuña wedge
empanado from pan, breaded, covered with crumbs empañado steamed up (window, mirror, glasses)
mono monkey, cute (adj.) moño bow (ribbon), bun (hair)
ordenar to organize ordeñar to milk a cow, etc.
panal beehive, honeycomb pañal diaper
pena sorrow, pitty, shame, sadness, sentence, embarrassment peña big rock; club or association; also a common last name.
sana from sanar, to heal; healthy saña viciousness
suena from sonar, to sound, to ring sueña from soñar, to dream
una one, a (feminine indefinite article or pronoun) uña finger/toe nail



This song lists many words containing ñ.



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