Dora la Exploradora.


In Spanish, many professions and adjectives end in -dor for males, but in -dora for females. So I think whoever named the character Dora the Explorer in English, knew that it was going to be very appealing in Spanish. The masculine form for this occupation is explorador.

Now let’s imagine that Dora has some other occupations or attributes (good and bad):

Dora la Investigadora. Dora the researcher.
Dora la Ganadora. Dora the Winner.
Dora la Habladora. Dora the Talkative, liar, gossip.
Dora la Administradora. Dora the Administrator.
Dora la Toreadora. Dora the Bullfighter.
Dora la Bebedora. Dora the Heavy Drinker.
Dora la Corredora. Dora the Runner.
Dora la Corredora de Bolsa. Dora the Stock Broker.
Dora la Corredora de Bienes Raíces. Dora the Real Estate Broker.
Dora la Venderora. Dora the Saleswoman.
Dora la Peinadora. Dora the Hairdresser.
Dora la Fumadora. Dora the Smoker.
Dora la Donadora. Dora the Donor.
Dora la Domadora. Dora the Tamer.
Dora la Encantadora. Dora the Charming.
Dora la Imitadora. Dora the Imitator.
Dora la Gobernadora. Dora the Governor.
Dora la Animadora. Dora the TV Host
Dora la Pecadora. Dora the Sinner.
Dora la Entrenadora. Dora the Trainer.
Dora la Agitadora. Dora the Agitator.
Dora la Directora. Dora the Director, School Principal.
Dora la Profesora. Dora the Profesor.
Dora la Violadora. Dora the Rapist.
Dora la Luchadora. Dora the Wrestler.
Dora la Luchadora Social. Dora the Social Activist.
Dora la Estafadora. Dora the Swindler.
Dora la Espectadora. Dora the Spectator.
Dora la Senadora. Dora the Senator.
Dora la Lavadora. Dora the Washer.
Dora la Afinadora. Dora the Tuner.
Dora la Productora. Dora the Producer.
Dora la Grabadora. Dora the Recorder.
Dora la Narradora. Dora the Narrator.
Dora la Pescadora. Dora the Fisherwoman.
Dora la Boxeadora. Dora the Boxer.
Dora la Educadora. Dora the Educator.

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