Warning about accidents in Spanish.

Telling people to be careful.



This is how we say careful, don’t fall, watch out! don’t burn yourself, etc.

What we usually do, is converting sentences like these: te vas a caer, te vas a quemar, se te va a escapar, to the negative comand form: no te vayas a caer, no te vayas a quemar, no se te vaya a escapar.



Spanish English equivalent Explanation
estudia. No vayas a reprobar el examen. Careful. Study, don’t fail the exam. reprobar el examen = to fail the exa. In Spain they say “suspender el examen”
no se te vaya a manchar la camisa

careful, don’t stain your shirt

mancharse = to get stained. camisa = shirt. te (indirect object pronoun) indicates possession.

no se te vaya a olvidar la cartera careful, don’t forget your wallet. te indicates possession. Olvidar = to forget.
no se te vayan a perder las llaves. Careful, don’t lose your keys.
no te vayas a caer careful, don’t fall down. caer = to fall, caerse = to fall down (accident).

no te vayas a quemar

watch out, don’t burn yourself,

quemarse = to get burned

que no se le vaya a olvidar pagar la luz.

(Hopefully) he won’t forget to pay the electricity bill.

la luz = light, (utility) electricity

recuérdale. No se le vaya a olvidar llamarme Remind him not to forget to call me. recuérdale = tú imperative o recordar, to remind. llamar = to call.


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