¡Por poco….! Accidents that almost happened

This is the photo many people use in Spanish for "por poco" memes.

There is a little difference between accidents that almost happened in English and Spanish, in English we use past tense, in Spanish we use the present tense.

(almost, nearly) + accident verb in the past (casi, por poco) + accident verb in the present
I almost fell casi me caigo (caer)
I almost hit myself casi me golpeo (golpearse)
I almost died por poco me muero
his shirt almost got stained (a él) por poco se le mancha la camisa (mancharse)
the plates almost fell on you por poco se te caen los platos
my glasses nearly broke casi se me rompen los lentes
you almost broke your leg casi te rompes la pierna
you almost burned your hand por poco te quemas la mano
I nearly fell asleep casi me quedo dormido

Por poco (by little, nearly), and casi (almost) are used in most countries, but in Mexico, people also use ya mero. Ya mero me caigo is the same as casi me caigo.


I found this meme, it means I almost screwed.


¡por poco!



¡Ya mero!

Remember that many accident verbs are reflexive. romperse, to break (on you), quemarse to burn onself, electrocutarse to electrocute oneself!


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